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Chew Han Meng

Master Tan is a well-experienced, helpful,flexible and non-commercialised Fengshui Master. Gives reliable,details report and practical advice.

Reasonable charges for Fengshui services. Highly recommended.


Jeslyn Chin

Master Tan is a Well-experienced, Sincere and non-commercialised Fengshui Master. Gives Reliable and Practical advice. And life really do improve a lot after engaging her as my Fengshui Master.

Reasonable charges for Fengshui services, and did not ask me to buy expensive products. Highly recommended



资生风水师 有个人特色,讲解简单明了,是个好口碑的风水大师。


Vincent Hwang

感谢Master Tan 帮我们算流年,十分的清楚和有耐心的和我们一一解释。大力推荐大家找Master Tan!!!



Master Tan is very friendly and helpful. she provide professional FENG SHUI and 八字 analysis


蔡先生, 瓦斯行商人 

Public Electronics Trading Sdn. Bhd., 柔佛州, 马来西亚

2006 年本人请蓁好運風水舘林長誼大師为我点寻一片工厂地及做厂内规划布局。布局好风水之后,让我在三个月内增加销售额高达一倍。林师父的风水造诣高深,可媲美宋朝赖布衣在世。值得我推荐给大家。非常感谢师父帮助本人成功,生意蒸蒸日上。



Doris Nge, 鱼商

I vividly remember that period of my life where things were moving in negative directions; my business was in the bleak of collapsing and my  health was withering away due to stress. I weren't a person who believe in astrology, fortune teller or palm-reading then; it was an unexpected venture that I walked into Master Lin's office. I saw articles on how he had helped others through Feng-shui advice and thought I could gave it a try. I have to admit that I went to him with least faith that he could do miracles to my business then.

I invited Master Lin to my home in Thailand for Feng-shui readings. 

He was stern when giving me advices that I must make some major changes to my house. The main door to my house was located at a bad spot, the foyer was higher than the backyard, both my 2 fish ponds to be sealed while a new pond to be built at a new location. He explained that the old ponds were reasons to my leaking wealth while the new pond will bring in gradual prosperity. 

My neighbour's house opposite mine was built with a chapel-like design with pointed roof facing my bedroom's window. Master Lin gave me some displays to prevent negative reflection that was affecting both my sleep & health.

It was a hard and long renovation work that took more than a month to complete.

It was a miracle when I recall those months after completion of the renovation work. My old customers started to return, my workers are more spirited & devoted; and most of all, my health has improved. My business has expanded since then and my work force has doubled.

I am still seeking advice from Master Lin every now and then when I face any midpoints. He is now more than a teacher to me; not only a great advisor but also a good friend whom I have trusted for the past six years.


Mint Yeow



Cheng Yin Tay



Jennifer Lim

Genuine, humble, honest and helpful master!


Cj Teo

Very good service and professional knowledge about feng shui


Andy Kok

Master Tan is extremely professional and knowledgeable about Feng Shui. Strongly recommend to find her for Feng Shui consultantation.

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